Small business owners, first responders working on July Fourth


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – July fourth is often associated with spending time with family, fireworks, and celebrating our nation’s Independence. But for, some it’s also a day of working.

Some of the people working included small business owners to first responders. One business owner Bipin Jain said he knows the day is about the celebration of when the country became free, but closing for a day would mean losing sales.

“I opened my store and I’m glad. I already have customers here early morning so it’s gonna be nice. I’ll have some business,” Jain said.

Also working on the Fourth were the men and women who protect our streets and keep us safe.

“We’re here to provide a service to the community, to the people, so that they can enjoy or have that safe environment to participate in whatever events they want to participate in,” Lt. Michael Chappel, with the Statesboro Police Department said.

Chappel said missing out on holidays and not spending time with family can get hard sometimes, but being acknowledged by the community makes it a bit easier.

“We’ve had a gentleman that came up and brought us food and made sure that we have some food to eat and have an opportunity to celebrate the fourth of July as well. He knew that we couldn’t be at home cooking out with our family so he cooked out and brought it for us,” Chappel said.

Another first responder told News 3 another factor that makes missing holidays a bit more bearable is being able to know that you have a major impact on another person’s life.

“It’s a very rewarding job, especially just the fact that you can get out on somebody’s worst day and you’re allowed the opportunity, a front row seat to help these people in times of need,” Michael Keyfauver a firefighter said.

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