SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum has welcomed a model of the USS Savannah, the newest of six ships named in honor of the city of Savannah gifted by the Savannah Navy League.

The new model is a replica of the U.S. Navy’s Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), a high-speed, agile, multi-mission combatant designed to defeat growing coastal threats and provide access and dominance in the coastal water battlespace.

LCS was commissioned in Brunswick on February 5, 2022.

Commissioning Chairwoman Patricia Yovich said, “Savannah Navy League Commissioning Team thought Ships of the Sea Museum would be an excellent place to showcase the replica of the new LCS for two reasons: the museum is a tourist attraction that features the history of Savannah ships, and the proximity of the new USS Savannah LCS-28 model to where the first Savannah is located.”

USS Savannah Model LCS-28 (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

The new model joined three other USS Savannah models in the museum’s collection, whose histories range from 1820 to 1947.

The current models include the USS Savannah, a coastal galley that provided harbor defense for the port of Savannah; the USS Savannah, a frigate that served as the flagship of the Pacific Squadron; and the USS Savannah, a Brooklyn-class light cruiser.

Visitor looking at the new addition. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

“Ships of the Sea is honored to receive such a resplendent gift from the Navy League,” said Interim Director and Curator Wendy Melton. “The model of USS Savannah LCS-28 will be a welcome addition to our collection and aid in the museum’s mission to interpret this region’s exalted maritime history.”

Ships of the Sea is housed in the William Scarbrough House which was built in 1819. The museum not only exhibits ship models but also paintings and maritime antiques to help interpret the rich story of Svannah’s maritime history.

Artwork by Arthur Beaumont is currently featured. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

Visitor Stu Fox, co-owner of Fox Cattle Co. Meats in Shelbyville, Illinois has driven to Savannah multiple times and while in the city today, decided to visit Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.  

“I think the building more than anything, it’s very cool, and the ships and stuff but I like architecture better than anything.  I think it’s a nice little museum, it’s in a wonderful house and it has a lot of history here.”

“People are very happy to see it,” said Sara Feldman, Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum Communications & Development Coordinator. “It’s our first new model in nearly 10 years.”

On why it has taken 10 years to get a new model Feldman said, “We have limited space and we really try to focus on ships that have a connection to Savannah.”