Sheriff investigates ‘questionable note’ posted to Jasper church door


A note posted on the door of a Jasper County church is considered scary, by some. Just days after the tragic Charleston church shooting, the note reads, ‘I’ll see you Sunday to let you know who I am,’ according to Jasper County Sheriff Gregory Jenkins. His office is investigating. The Sheriff, also a reverend, will not say on which church the letter was found.

Whether or not the note is meant as a threat is still questionable, but Jenkins says his officers will be patrolling area churches more often, especially on Sunday and at this certain church. He is also meeting with local ministers to advise them of some suggested security procedures, in light of the recent shooting at Wednesday night Bible study at Emanuel AME in Charleston.

“When we heard of that, immediately, you know, we thought of situations and cases where people walked in [who] we never knew, and just sat in the congregation and we embraced them,” says Kingdom Touch Ministries Pastor Jerome Lewis.

Churches like his have been on alert, building security plans and looking for anything suspicious.

“We have a security team of, I’d say about eight gentlemen and women, that they secure the entrance as well as the outside facility, the back doors. They’re proactive as far as watching dress attire,” Lewis says.

He wants his congregation to feel safe, as does the Sheriff.

“It’s very discouraging, you hear people say now ‘I’m not going to church.’ It leaves you to wonder, was everyone comfortable in church Sunday?” Jenkins wonders.

“Unfortunately in our county, we’re dealing with one of our local churches now where there was a letter posted on a door, ‘I’ll see you Sunday to let you know who I am,’ and we’re not taking that lightly,” he says.

Jenkins says it’s best to have a team to keep a watch at the church doors, to conduct sweeps before opening and closing, and to lock the doors once services begin.

“We can’t say, ‘oh we’re in church, God’s going to protect us.’ You know, He’s given us good wisdom and discernment to take the signs and to move with the warnings,” Lewis says.

Jenkins will continue to meet with groups of pastors and church goers. He says anyone who feels their safety is in danger, should not hesitate to call 911.

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