Shark capsizes kayak in Florida


A video of a shark pulling a Florida fisherman from his kayak is going viral right now.

Captain Ben Chancey was grouper fishing on his kayak in Florida when he got a big surprise. He was reeling in a giant Goliath grouper but he said the fish broke free from the line and left his bait floating in front of bull sharks swimming around him.

An 8 1/2-foot bull shark took the bait and Chancey hung on to the reel while he was still seated in his 14-foot kayak. The shark ended up flipping Chancey’s kayak and tipping him into the shark infested water and right on top of the shark that tipped him. He quickly swam to the larger boat that was near him and safely got out of the water. He says he swam faster than he’s ever swam before.

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