SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Shannon Sharpe has not worn a jersey for Savannah State in 33 years, but Monday morning, students and fans cheered for him like it was 1990, and he was running down the sideline headed for the endzone.

The 1990 graduate returned to Savannah State with the popular sports talk show First Take with him.

“It’s incredible,” Huziel Heraldez, a Savannah State student, said. “A person of his stature, his magnitude, like the whole world is watching, and for us to be in the spotlight, it is incredible.”

Sharpe’s return home brought out many local stars, such as his brother, Sterling Sharpe, and his former high school football coach, William Hall.

“It still hadn’t soaked in yet,” Hall, the former head football coach at Glennville High School, said. “I’m just so excited, so thrilled, and so full. It’s just so amazing.”

“The student body, a lot of these kids weren’t even thought of being born when I attend Savannah State, [and] the love and admiration they showed me today doesn’t go unnoticed,” Sharpe said. “Don’t let someone tell you that an HBCU is less than you can go anywhere from an HBCU.”