BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — A sitting South Carolina senator made his way to the Lowcountry to talk to voters and help stump for local candidates.

Tim Scott is running for re-election himself, but Monday’s event in Bluffton was as much about his party in and out of South Carolina as it was his campaign.

“I think this election is the most consequential midterm election in my lifetime,” said Scott.

The Republican Senator came to Oyster Factory Park to try and lock down his voters, and make sure that republicans are in step with the rest of the ticket.

“A good economy makes a lot of things possible and we have lost that good economy because of the overspending outrageous decisions of the Biden administration,” said Scott.

About 500 people were on hand to hear Scott talk about the economy, the need for change, and how crucial Republican votes will be in November.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace says the Senator’s message echoes the party line.

“But we also want to focus on candidates that can win and bring people together,” said Rep. Mace. “Senator Tim Scott’s speech today was about bringing people together and that’s what I think people want to hear in November too.”

But many people wanted to hear his stance on fellow Senator Lindsey Graham’s nationwide abortion ban bill.

A stance that he was seemingly not willing to take after not one but two questions from reporters.

“I understood his question as well as yours,” said Scott. “I just simply say I am going to talk about what the voters are talking about. The number one issue is the overall health of the economy. the number two issue votes are talking about is inflation. The number three issue is gas prices and the number four is a crime. I’m going to continue focusing on what they tell me to focus on.”

Scott is also focused on winning back the Senate. One of the candidates who could help is across the border in Georgia. Scott says he has spoken to Walker recently and believes he could be an asset to the party and country.

“I think he is a common sense conservative as well as someone who recognizes the strength of the conservative movement,” says Scott. “He is a product of Georgia. It is good news to see someone of his caliber wanting to serve his state. His life was transformed by the opportunities he got. He is just a nice guy. His philosophy is deep and rich. I think he is going to represent Georgia very well.”

And if voters decide they want Scott to represent them on a Presidential run in 2024??

“President in 2024?”
“Senate in 2022.”

Senator Scott’s opponent, current South Carolina State Representative Krystle Matthews, isn’t giving up despite calls to quit the race from within her own party.

According to a press release, Matthews calls the Republican incumbent “MAGA’s favorite black legislator”.

She says issues like health care and education have been ignored by Republicans and she plans to remain “a politician for the people”, a term coined by fellow South Carolina Democrats.