SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Senator Jon Ossoff (D-GA) is pushing the U.S. Senate to increase funding for military armor for female servicemembers.

The senator said it came about during a visit to Fort Stewart a couple months ago with members of the 3rd Infantry Division.

“A young female soldier was describing to me that there is not enough body armor that fits female soldiers,” Ossoff told News 3. “First of all, it means that female service members are at risk of injury because they don’t have body armor that fits them properly. That presents serious risk in a hostile environment or in combat operations and during training when heavy body armor is not fitting properly.”

Now, Senator Ossoff is leading a bipartisan push in the Senate to increase funding for the Department of Defense to get properly-fitting armor for women and people with smaller figures.

“To hear from this young soldier that she doesn’t have access to body armor that fits her, that’s outrageous,” Ossoff said. “It’s outrageous for U.S. military personnel not to have access to well-fitting body armor. And it’s discriminatory against women in the military and it puts them at risk.”

Senator Ossoff said it’s an issue facing servicemembers around the country and across all branches of military. The additional funding for the Department of Defense would come in the next fiscal year.