Seattle couple creates zero-energy luxury


This could certainly be the ultimate sustainable living.

A husband and wife duo in Seattle has created a luxury zero-energy boathouse, dubbed Houseboat H.  Not only is it stunning, but it actually cleans the water around it using floater planters.  Besides filtering the water, the planters allow roots of native plants to grow underwater, and this creates a habitat for fish and other sea creatures.

Houseboat H is docked on Washington’s Lake Union, and it’s considered a zero-energy building.

A zero-energy building (ZEB) produces enough renewable energy to meet its own annual energy consumption requirements.  A ZEB must use all cost-effective measures to reduce energy usage, including using renewable energy systems.  Not only does a ZEB have less environmental impact, it also results in lower operating and maintenance costs, meaning it is in theory cheaper to live in too.

ZEBs are also more resilient to power outages, natural disasters and have more energy security.

Houseboat H has a titanium plate with an 800 lineal foot transfer fluid coil loop that’s attached to the west side of the deck.  It extends into the water to collect heat from the lake.

There are also LED light fixtures and electric systems and appliances throughout the house.


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