Seat Belts Part of a Path to Good Decisions for Teens


A program a one piece of equipment that Effingham County Sheriff’s hope will help keep kids on the right path.

Its all part of the teen maze.

350 10th graders from around the County will take part in the program which gives teens the chance to make life decisions and feel the consequences.

“(The program is about) how a critical decision in life can change the path or outcome of your life,” explains Sgt Brian Mundy of the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office.

The “teen maze” allows kids to simulate the travel down different paths. Ones that can take them anywhere in “life”.

“Going to jail, being involved in a crash. being a successful person,” explains Mundy.

One of the focuses of this year’s program will be the crash.

That’s thanks to the seat belt convincer.

A machine paid for by the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to let anyone sit and feel what its like to be in an accident.

You strap in the chair and let it fly. Its only 3-5 miles per hour when the “crash” happens. But the feel is real.

“What do you think about that?”

“Pretty tough” said Effingham County Deputy Jason Fondren. “Its a lot more force than you think it is.”

“When someone tells you its 3 miles per hour, 5 miles per hour tops?”

“You’d never believe it.”

“You felt that yourself about how much that snatches you, the seat belt holds you and does what it is supposed to do,” explained Mundy.

“Out of all the fatalities and crashes i’ve been to, i’ve only seen two where if they had had a seat belt on they would have died in the crash. now they had serious injuries. but tha’ts out of thousands of crashes, two people.”

Its a different, larger number that Effingham County Sheriff’s hope to get after a ride in the convincer.

“If we get one out of 350, which I hope we get more than that,” said Mundy. “Then that’s one more that we wont have to worry about.”

The convincer simulator is on loan from the bacon county police department.

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