SCMPD Advice for Saving Victims Trapped in Cars


A scary moment for a country superstar this weekend, Carrie Underwood was forced to break into her car when it locked with her dogs and infant son inside.

Luckily, her brother-in-law thought quickly and smashed in a window.

But the dangerous situation poses an important question: What should you do in a similar situation?

“The common mistake is that people let themselves get distracted at the critical moment when they should have the keys in their hand, said SCMPD Corporal John Simmons.

He told WSAV they see on average between four and five of these incidents per week during the hot summer months, but before you start breaking windows, Simmons explains you need to stop, slow down and think.

See if there’s a spare key that can be delivered quickly enough that anyone inside will be okay; if not, he recommends finding something to help breaking the window – it’s not as easy as you might think.

In case of an accident where someone is trapped, Simmons recommends calling 911 immediately.

But if their life is in danger and the victim has to be moved out of the car before emergency responders get on scene, Simmons tells News 3 you should pick a window away from where they’re sitting and tell them to turn away and cover their face.

In the case of a car being submerged underwater, Simmons explains if the door won’t open, you have to equalize the pressure of the water pushing against the outside.

A helpful tool to have in a car is a window punch that can help break the shatter-proof glass.

You can get one from your local hardware store for less than $30.

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