SCDOT looking for public input on Highway 278 project


Public meeting allows hundreds to see 6 different "reasonable" options for bridges

Hundreds of people got their first look at the latest alternatives for the Highway 278 bridge and corridor project.

The crowd was given a video presentation, and offered details on the six different “reasonable” proposals on video boards and maps of the largest-ever infrastructure project on Hilton Head,

The proposals were created in part from public input from a first meeting last September, Then the SDOT engineering team formulated a series of plans that took into account the environment, native islanders who live in the path of the bridges, as well as the ever-increasing traffic flow to and from Bluffton and Hilton Head.

“Everyone is looking at the full range of alternatives as well as the impacts associated with those,” said Craig Winn. “As well as the process and how we develop those and where we go from here.”

“How many different alternatives are there to look at?”
“We have six different reasonable alternatives, Down from 17 original alternatives.”

“These differ in what ways exactly?”
“They differ in the bridge configurations and how we get from Jenkins Island to Spanish Wells road. Different median types whether its replacing one bridge where we have three bridges or putting all new bridges out. As well as how we approach the median, where the roadway goes. We have looked at one where it’s north of 278, That’s in the power line easement.”

All the proposals will widen the entire corridor to six lanes, add a right-turn lane off 278 near Pinckney Island and have a multi-use pathway for use over the bridge.

The question will be should a new span of bridge be added, or an entirely new bridge built either or both South or Northbound on Highway 278.

“Public input is a factor in our decision when we do additional criteria of those six alternatives.”
“If they don’t get here there are other ways they can look at the plans?”
“Yes, they can go to our public website which is they can comment on there. they have until October 18 to comment. And all the information shown Thursday night is also on the website.”

Public comments will be taken until October 18. A final plan for the bridges will be released for public viewing and comment in the Fall of 2020.

The $240 million project won’t start any construction until 2023 and take four to five years to finish.

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