SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah-Chatham County Public School Systems is rolling out an app that will allow parents to track their kid’s bus route.

The district officially began using the app on Tuesday. Up to 300 parents have enrolled so far as of Wednesday, according to Executive Director of Transportation Paul Abbott.

“Every parent is out there in the mornings like, ‘where is the bus?’ So it’s another component to provide and make it more efficient so you know when the bus is getting close to your stop,” Abbott said.

Parents will be notified through the app when their student’s bus is coming to the stop, when it arrives at school, as well as any changes or delays.

“It gives parents peace of mind that hey, the bus showed up at the stop, it gave me an alert that it got to the school,” Abbott said. “Because a lot of parents have to put their kid at the bus stop and a lot of parents have to go to work.”

The app is free to download and Abbott said the funding comes from the district’s operating budget. Synovia Solutions runs the app, which is the same company that provides the GPS system inside the district’s school buses.

“Parents ask, ‘hey is this secure?’ Yes,” Abbott said. “You can only see your child’s bus. You can’t see any other buses and no one else can see your child’s stop.”

The district’s ongoing bus driver shortage has created some bumps in the road this school year. Abbott said 80 to 100 positions still need to be filled. While he thinks the app won’t solve that issue, he hopes it will give parents more confidence in the transportation system.

“I think it’s just going to help parents know that the bus is nearby, the bus made it to school, you’ll get an alert when the bus leaves the school,” Abbott said. “It’s just, I think, going to make it more efficient for kids being at the bus stop at the right time.”

The next transportation job fair is coming up on Nov. 17th at the Goodwill Center.

Abbott also said the district is looking at potential ways to open ridership to more students for next semester. That would be students in Group 4, which are choice elementary and K-8 schools.