CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Scam calls have become more common and some would say they are even on the rise. Local law enforcement agencies are telling the community to stay aware because scammers are now posing as them to steal your money.

Scam artists are getting more clever by the day and the latest scam to hit our phones is they are now pretending to be law enforcement and preying on families who are in their most vulnerable state.

“Do not listen to these idiots,” Sheriff John T. Wilcher warned.

“The idiots” that Sheriff Wilcher is referring to are scam artists — scam artists who are calling families pretending to be a part of the Georgia parole board.

“The families of inmates are being contacted by phone saying their loved one is being released from prison on parole but then they say in order for that to proceed they need to send an amount of money usually less than $1000. The parole board never requests funds to facilitate a release funds are never required for the board to make a decision or to make a release of an offender,” Steve Hayes, Communications Director, State Board Pardons and Paroles explained.

Wilcher says the scams have gotten elaborate but people must stay vigilant and protect themselves.

“For the last five years, I have talked to the public on TV about scams we as a sheriff’s office do not call anyone saying you have a warrant out or you missed court or you got a loved one in jail and you need to bail them out with a certain amount of dollars or that the parole board can get your loved one out early if you pay them don’t listen to those idiots,” Wilcher told News 3.

The parole board says if you are a victim of one of these scams make them aware and be sure to keep up with your loved one’s case so you know the true details pertaining to their release.

Hayes said, “What we are urging the family members to do is not transfer funds it is a scam contact the parole board there they can report the details they also can get a parole status on the offender, so they are understanding and aware of when that offender may be released.”

The attorney general has gotten involved and local law enforcement agencies are working to stop this scam as well. Sheriff Wilcher says if you ever have any questions feel free to call them directly or stop by the office and they will take care of it.