Taylor DeLoach is chasing some big dreams.

In just a few short months the Savannah track star will begin school at Ohio State University on a track scholarship. But for the rest of the summer you can find her in one of two places: the track and the gym. But in two years you may find her on a slightly bigger stage… the Olympics. DeLoach hopes that these countless hours of training will help earn her a spot on the 2020 Olympic Track Team.

With the hot Savannah sun beating down DeLoach says, “Training it usually depends. I come out here at eight, and it’s either three hours or four hours usually.” DeLoach and her coach, Kimberly Wilson often begin training at 6 a.m. to avoid the heat.

Wilson has been training with Taylor since she was in middle school. She has seen Taylor grow and develop right before her eyes but she says her biggest growth has been mental.

Wilson says, “Her senior year competition comes up she’s a totally different kid, now she sees competition she rises to it and she knocks it down. Then she happy about it. So it’s totally two different people now.”

For DeLoach, the goal is no longer to simply run fast, it is more about perfecting her skills. Her coach says, “How many contacts your taking, the arms, the body position, what’s tight what’s not tight it gets down to little fractions.”

With all of these factors into the equation DeLoach’s goal is to be named “Big 10″ Freshman of the Year” for the upcoming season.

But before the college season even begins, DeLoach will still have a few more meets to compete in. “It’s a four year cycle so starting now, I mean everyone kind of takes a break but she’s going into college, she’ll be fresh you know stays healthy, she’ll be fine” says Wilson.

Wilson says DeLoach’s biggest strength is her heart. “You can teach someone how to work but you can’t teach heart and that’s one thing she has. If she gets beat she goes I’ll get them next time or she’ll see someone that’s way faster than her she’s still like I’m gonna race her I’m gonna beat here and that’s one thing you don’t find a lot in kids.”

Along with making the Olympic team, and being Big 10 Freshman of the Year, DeLoach has another goal in mind for the city of Savannah. ” I just want to put Savannah on the map girl wise, girl power.”

With this girl power attitude DeLoach could be the first ever Olympic Track athlete from Savannah.