Savannah students gifted free movie, party thanks to #BlackPantherChallenge


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – After its first week in theaters, “Black Panther” fever continues to spread across the country.

Marvel’s latest blockbuster hit features the first movie to feature a lead black superhero surrounded by a primarily black cast.

On Friday, 150 Savannah students were able to experience the phenomenon up close thanks to the generosity of others.

In January, Christian Noble decided to take part in the #BlackPantherChallenge, a call on social media to invite people to take kids to see the movie who normally might not be able to afford a movie ticket.

“It’s important that these kids see this film because there aren’t many films that represent us in a positive light,” he said.

In less than a month, he along with his partnership with the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Clubs, raised more than $5,000 to take kids to the movie and throw a Black Panther Party at the Club.

Noble said his motivation to inspire others starts with his own son.

“I want him to finally be able to have a superhero for not just him but for all kids that when he grows up he can say, man, ‘I can be like Black Panther,’ you now, and its just finally the first time we’ve been able a super hero that’s of African decent because it not only combats stereotypes here in America but also the stereotypes in Africa,” Noble said.

Friday afternoon 150 students came to the Club for a free dinner provided by Olive Garden. They were treated to a visit from cosplay Black Panther characters and door prizes.

100 students then boarded buses to the AMC theater on Stephenson Avenue in Savannah for a private screening of the movie.

8th grader Steven Jones walked out of the movie enthralled by the ability to identify with the lead role in a superhero movie.

“It was very amazing because like I’ve never seen a black man like at the beginning of a movie like throughout the whole movie. So it was good,” Jones said.

A spark lit by inspiration with the hope, Noble says, of instilling, confidence, and empowerment.

“Excited to see how it just changes them because it is a small seed but sometimes that’s all we need,” he said.

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