Savannah State University to offer Donald Trump Course


SAVANNAH, Ga. -Donald Trump, he’s the candidate that we all just can’t stop talking about, and Savannah State University wants to continue this discussion–inside the classroom. The local university is offering a course about The Donald this summer and News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to the professor teaching the class to learn more about it.

“Because we’re going to win. We’re going to win in November..and we’re going to win big and it’s going to be America first,” said Donald Trump, the front-running GOP candidate in the presidential election.

Whether he makes it to  the presidency come fall 2016– Savannah State University professor, Dr. Robert Smith, think it’s important that you know how he made it this far.

That’s why he created the summer course that’s stirring up a whole lot of talk.

“Who is really Donald Trump, the man?”

That’s what you’ll learn, along with more about his larger-than-life persona, if you sign-up for “The Trump Factor in American Politics” class.

“Looking at Donald Trump as a phenomenon in political science, it seems to me would be the most appropriate time to engage students in a class where we can look objectively at the positive and negatives of the Trump candidacy and that’s what we intend to do for this summer class,” Smith told News 3.

He says students and members of the community will be invited to take the course.

“The students so far have responded with interest and it seems to me to be, I’m excited to teach the class,” said Smith.

A class that will look at how Trump eliminated all of his competitors by dramatically shifting the landscape of Republican politics along with the presidential race.

“We’ll equally be, because I think it’s only proper to, make sure that we cover the other candidates that got to to this point and we’ll be discussing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as well on the democratic side,” Smith said.

Students will also speak to members of the Republican and Democratic parties and create their own campaign strategy for Trump.

“I think a sense of political knowledge, a sense to reaffirm that their vote matters, a sense that following politics really does make a difference…it’s to demonstrate about all that you should be involved in the process,” Smith said.

Smith told News 3 as far as he knows, this is the only class of its kind in the nation so far!

The class is open to current students, visiting students, and members of the community both on campus and online.

Click here to learn more or sign-up for the course:

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