Savannah State University students collecting donations for Liberia



The cold-and even the patches of snow we saw this weekend-didn’t stop Savannah State students from coming out to give their supplies and time for a good cause.

Many came out to make donations to “Operation SHEA”, which stands for “Sending Humanitarian Education Abroad.”

The operation was organized by the International Education Center, the International Student Association and the Savannah African Student Association after students traveled to Liberia last summer.

“As many people may know, or may not know…Liberia was impacted by a very serious war and that war caused so many people to basically drop what they were doing in their education system.. So what we’re doing is putting together textbooks, sanitary items, anything that improve their lifestyle over there,” said Mark Sanders at Senior at SSU.

The coordinator of the drive says they plan to send an 8x8x20 foot container full of donations of everyday items to the country in February.

“And just being able to improve somebody else’s life…being able to give back to somebody who’s overseas and who doesn’t have as much as [we] do, it means a lot to us,” Sanders told News 3.

And with the help of donations coming from Atlanta and New Jersey, the bin is almost full.

If you would like to find out how you can donate, you can contact Melanie Smith at Savannah State University: 912-358-4188 or you can also call the International Education Center on campus: 912-358-4152

Some of the items needed are listed below.

February 5th will be the last day for donations.

*   Soap – liquid and bar

*   Baby wipes

*   Diapers

*   Tissue – facial and bathroom

*   Latex gloves

*   Disinfecting wipes

*   Hand sanitizer

*   Shampoo

*   Bug spray

*   Lotion

*   Spray bottles

*   Bleach

*   Bottled water

*   New towels and washcloths

*   New toys (balls, bats, gloves, jump ropes)

*   New art supplies (paints, brushes, crayons, scissors, paper, etc.)

*   Notebooks

*   Paper

*   Pencils

*   Binders

*   Old text books

*   Children books

*   Socks

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