SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Tomorrow this field behind me will be filled with students, patrons and players as the tigers face off against Virginia University Lynchburg. But, Savannah State University’s President says this game is about more than just football.

“We are celebrating through football, but there’s so many other activities that go on through homecoming week,” said Kimberly Ballard-Washington, President of Savannah State University.

“It is a joyous occasion—I had not seen anything like it prior to coming to Savannah State University. It’s definitely my favorite day of the year—favorite activity of the year.”

Savannah State has been hosting events all week—including a pep rally, a step show, and a food truck festival—but the main event begins today. The weekend will bring hundreds of SSU alumni from all over the country to Savannah, which president Ballard-Washington says helps stimulate the local economy.

“It is an opportunity for Savannah State to provide a greater economic impact than usual on the community of Savannah.”

The fun kicks off at noon at the fish fry and will last all weekend.