SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Hurricane Ian is pounding western parts of Cuba with strong category 3 winds with further intensification likely as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday. Although uncertainty remains on the impacts that will be felt in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry some Savannah residents are preparing now.

Joshua Pate (photo by Hollie Lewis)

Joshua Pate said, “I’m on call for Memorial Hospital. So, if we activate the emergency response I will be staying and working in the hospital.”

Tanya Scott (photo by Hollie Lewis)

Tanya Scott said, “I’ve already got water, picking up on a few more canned goods, making sure my pets got food and their necessities, so we’re good. If the electricity goes off, I’m fine.”

Joni Darieng (photo by Hollie Lewis)

Joni Darieng said, “I’m mainly just watching the weather, watching Mikes’s Weather Page on Facebook and watching the local news. I definitely bought some fuel yesterday and just keeping snacks for the little one, water of course and that’s about it.”

Abaomi Bey (photo by Hollie Lewis)

Abaomi Bey said, “I’m basically watching which way the hurricane goes, is what I’m looking at. Just the direction that it’s going in. I don’t know if it’s going to hit us. Typically it avoids this area, Savannah, we usually don’t get them, from my experience being here. We just basically watch and see which direction it’s going in and then we make our plans.”

(photo by Hollie Lewis)

“I live in a condo development that is pretty well in land and because of the orientation of my particular building, if there’s any particular wind, it always hits up against the side of the building and I’ve experienced no real problems other than power outages in the previous hurricanes,” a resident said (name withheld).

Larry Evans (photo by Hollie Lewis)

Larry Evans said, “I’m packing, I’m leaving.”

Monik Brinson (photo by Hollie Lewis)

Monik Brinson said, “I’m actually gassing up all my vehicles. I’m supplying the house with nonperishable items, plenty of water, snacks for the children and just getting ready to hunker down if we have to evacuate.”