SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Oprah Winfrey could be gifting her friends a local product this Christmas.

Every year since 1996, Oprah has announced Oprah’s Favorite Things in time for the holidays as a way to share products that she feels are noteworthy and would make great gifts.

Queen Bee Body Butter Gift Set. (Photo provided by the Savannah Bee Company)

Included on this year’s Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 list is the Savannah Bee Company’s Queen Bee Body Butter Gift Set which includes four 6.7-oz. jars of signature body butter formulas.

“These decadently creamy body butters are hard to beat. They’re so easy to apply and contain shea butter, cocoa butter, and royal jelly to hydrate, strengthen, and protect skin—including extra-rough spots,” stated Oprah. “Original is scented with blackberry and rose; Rosemary Lavender is calming; and Chamomile & Myrrh and Tupelo Honey are extra gentle for sensitive skin. Split them among you and your friends.”

“Obviously we are stoked to be on the list, it’s very cool to have that recognition since Oprah has such a wide following,” said Emily Anderson, store manager at the Savannah Bee Company’s River Street location. “It’s one of our best-selling products. It’s a really nice luxurious product that we’ve had for quite a while, and it has continued to sell really well.”

Since making the list, the Savannah Bee Company River Street location has put up a sign in their store to let customers know that their product is an Oprah favorite.

“I feel like more people are coming into the store specifically because of that product. So, we’re kind of getting some notoriety from having the sign in our store but I feel that people have known about it before they actually come into the store,” said Anderson.

Although they appreciate the notoriety, the Savannah Bee Company aims to do everything they can so that bees can continue to build hives, pollinate flowers and power food supply. The company achieves this through not only their Bee Cause Project, a non-profit organization that works to engage students of all ages within their own environments through observation-based learning, but also through speaking with customers who enter their stores.

“The employees that are hired at the Savannah Bee Company are called Bee Educators. So, we are not only selling the products, the body cremes, the honeys, but we’re also explaining the uses of them, behind the hive ingredients that are in those products and also the benefits of honey for humans and bees alike,” said Anderson.

“We spend our time with customers letting them know how four out of five bites of your food are produced by bees,” she continued. “We wouldn’t have the majority of produce that we have if we didn’t have bees and just letting people know the importance of our agriculture and how bees can continue to keep us fed essentially.”