SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — We are officially one day away from the city’s biggest holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. Today, the city held its final St. Patrick’s Day press conference – this time focusing on public safety.

It all starts at 6:00 a.m. when streets close and Savannah squares open for people to save their spot for the parade which kicks off at 10:15 a.m.

With the parade less than 24 hours away,  there are several things first responders need you to know in case of an emergency 

“Obviously it’s going to be rather congested. So we want to make sure those resources are deployed throughout the city for a quick response, said Savannah Fire Rescue’s William Handy. “You’re not going to see the normal large fire apparatus throughout the parade. You’ll see some here and staged, but you’re going to see some smaller units. Some smaller UTV’s, some golf carts. Those are going to be embedded in the parade and around the parade for better access.”

Savannah Fire says they plan to be ready for any fire or medical emergency. 

Those looking for law enforcement officers will have no trouble locating one.

You can expect to see plenty of men and women in blue among all that green.

Sgt. Jason Pagliaro told News 3, “We’ll be readily available throughout the area, not just Savannah officers. We’ll have state troopers out. Officers from partner agencies to include the sheriff’s department, Chatham county PD, Tybee Island PD, Thunderbolt will have some officers. Department of community supervision will be out. So there’ll be an influx of officers in the area.”

SPD reminds people if they plan to be downtown—come in a group—and look out for each other as there is safety in numbers.

And finally, police have an important reminder for parents.  

“If you bring your children downtown as always we ask that please take pictures of your children wearing what they have on when they come down to the area,” said Sgt. Pagliaro. “I can also distribute those pictures out to my officers quickly and easily. We can also tweet them out to the media.”

Lastly, law enforcement asks you not to drink and drive – have a designated driver or use a ride share app.