Savannah Police Chief speaks on recent violence, says dozens of guns stolen from unlocked vehicles


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah’s Police Chief, Roy Minter, spoke out about violence in the city yesterday, saying there is a direct connection between stolen guns and recent shootings.

During a public safety update, Chief Minter told Mayor Eddie DeLoach and city council that dozens of guns have been stolen from unlocked vehicles this year.

“We’re not even full six months into the year yet, and we’ve already had 71 weapons stolen out of unlocked vehicles,” Chief Minter said.

Chief Minter said simply locking car doors may have prevented some of Savannah’s recent gun violence. He strongly urged gun owners to be responsible with their weapons.

There are currently no laws penalizing people whose guns are stolen from an unlocked car and later used to commit violence.

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