Savannah organization collecting school supplies for children in need


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – This is the first week back to school for students in Chatham County. But for a handful, they missed out because their parents don’t have the money for supplies.

Beverly Trotter, Director of Savannah Youth City, said parents of children in her organization, which offers support to the area’s youth in need of immediate intervention, had to ask themselves if they were going to pay rent or send their kids back to school with supplies.

“They have not entered school yet because they’re waiting until they get the resources to get supplies or uniforms,” Trotter said.

Trotter said the parents of five high school-aged kids ran into these problems because not only do they not have enough money, but the resources available aren’t very helpful.

“Back to school events in Savannah which are great, they’re providing resources for young people that need them. However, there’s a miscommunication somewhere in there because a lot of the older teens are not being able to utilize those supplies,” Trotter added.

This is why Trotter is now asking for the community’s help to get the students what they need. She said the donations of the school supplies and clothes can be dropped off at the Second Arnold Baptist Church.

A parent of a student in Savannah Youth City, Ambral Washington, said this will be helpful.

“Them actually being able to have the supplies of the thing that they need without just missing weeks out of school, I think it’ll be a very positive thing for them, ” Washington said.

If you would like to help they are in need of:

Women- Size eight shoes. A size 14 in shirt and a 16 in pants.

Men- Sizes eight, nine and 11 shoes. For uniform pants size 36 X 34.

School supplies- Composition books, paper, pencils, and pens.

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