One of the worst places to live in America…it’s not the way people typically describe the southern coastal city.

But, that’s how a new online publication describes Savannah.

“The Hostess City” has a reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the world…

So where’s the disconnect between living here—and just visiting?

News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to city officials to find out if this article holds any truth to its headline.

Savannah–one of the worst places to live in America?!

A website called “Road Snacks” put the “Hostess City of the South” at number seven on its list…

“Anyone that lives in Savannah knows this is a bunch of nonsense, this is an entertainment site and their whole goal is to be provocative and to drive traffic to their website,” said Bret Bell, the spokesperson for the City of Savannah.

“I don’t think that’s accurate–this is my second visit to Savannah, I’m here with family today… and my parents–this is my third visit…we enjoy coming down and seeing the rich history Savannah has to offer, and enjoy the local cuisine,” said Ashley Atkinson, visiting from Alabama.

The website claims that factors like high crime rates, a bad economy and unemployment all contribute to making Savannah a good place to visit, but a not-so-nice-place to live.

“I think they’ve made a mistake. I don’t believe it would be number 7 for the worst…it’s much better than that!” said Bernie Smith, visiting from Pennsylvania.

Bell says despite crime rates being up this year, there has been major improvement…

“…The past 3 years have been the lowest crime rate in Savannah’s history, in the past 45 years… the lowest violent crime rate and lost property crime rate,” Bell told News 3.

And they hope to continue bringing the rate down with their new violent crime initiative.

“Public safety is the top priority for city council. We just changed our pay scale to give police a $2.2 million dollar increase. We have now the most competitive pay in the  entire southeast of Georgia,” said Bell.

And as far as the economy is concerned…

“Our economy has literally never been in better shape. All indicators–our unemployment rate is better than the national average, better than state average..we’ve added about 2,000 jobs over the past year to  our economy,” Bell said.

But even with the challenges that Savannah faces, Bell says city leaders stand still stand by it…

“We’re confident in what this city is, and what it does and the great people who make up this amazing city.”

Now the website does give a disclaimer that although the basing their rankings on legitimate data–the writers opinion is included as well.