Savannah Mayor promises to address crime and poverty in his state of the city address


Savannah Mayor Eddie Deloach believes people may have more confidence in their safety these days, but the number one issue he will address Thursday in his State of the City address will still be crime. “And I don’t feel like we’ve put the dent that we need to have and I don’t feel like the people in our community feel as safe as I want them to feel.” said Deloach. “I am a member of this community and I feel like we can do a better job. And I feel like long term you’ll see the crime numbers moving down in the direction we want them to go.”

Things have changed since Deloach has been on board, perhaps the biggest in terms of city staffing is the hiring of a new city manager. There was the budget snag this year when funding for some arts organizations were cut. Deloach says he understands the concern that many in those nonprofit organizations had, but says in the future those groups may have to rely more on their own fundraising and less on city funds.

He is also pushng th second round of his Summer 500 program which provides jobs for high school studnets. He’s hoping more businesses will agree to participatel.

Deloach also promises to address poverty in his upcoming address. It’s time to make items like housing and poverty (more of a priority.) We don’t need to talk about them anymore we need to do something about them,” he said.

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