Savannah man says insurance should fix his mother’s roof, company says it’s maintenance problem


There’s been a pretty long list of storms and even hurricanes this year — and after the storm comes the call to the insurance company

But what repairs can you expect to have covered by your homeowners insurance and how long does the claims process really last?

A Savannah man says the roof of his 83-year-old mother’s home needs to be replaced from cumulative storm damage from hurricanes in 2016 and from long forgotten storm “Karen” in 2013. 

Brian Hayward showed News 3 the roof, much of which is covered by a large piece of plastic.

He said there have been problems for some time. However, it started to really leak in July.

Since then, he says he has been dealing with Allstate Insurance to get a claim and was told “no.”

“They denied it and you know basically they said it was because of it not being sudden damage,” he explained.

Allstate told News 3 this is more about a maintenance issue than about sudden damage from a storm-related event. 

“They’re saying it appears to be just over time just wear and tear,” Hayward said.

But he disagrees. Hayward believes some original damage back in 2013 may not have been repaired correctly or that enough of the damaged area was not repaired and says subsequent storms, including Hurricanes Matthew and Irma.

“My mom made a claim back in 2013 and that’s when they came and only estimated just you know 30 yards of damage on the roof you know on the backside of the house because they didn’t look at the rest of it and properly account for the damage,” said Hayward.

The insurance company disagreed saying the storm-related roof damage was repaired at that time and that in recent years it has paid a number of other claims including one for inside damage. 

Allstate Spokesman Adam Polak sent this statement:

“Allstate is committed to claims handling that is fast and fair.  it says homeowners insurance covers sudden and accidental losses and not maintenance issues.” 

Hayward says his elderly mother is upset about the claim won’t be pay saying she’s had the same company for probably 40 years. “It saddens me to see my 83-year-old mother who can’t fight these rules when she has had the policy for years,” he said.

While Hayward still believes Allstate should pay up he’s concerned about trying to raise the estimated $8,000 for the roof repairs.

He’s started a fundraising page for his mother who he says was a childcare worker for 35 years and who is “like a grandmother to many in the neighborhood.”

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