Savannah Man Remembers September 11th with Newspaper Collection

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Friday marks 14 years since terrorists hijacked four airplanes, crashing two into the Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon and another into a field in Pennsylvania.

For months after September 11th, news organizations around the world documented everything that happened following the attacks, putting together parts of a devastating puzzle.

“Everyday there was, I guess you would call it a broadcast headline in the Times which they rarely have,” said Savannah resident John Adler. “The entire top of the paper is in bold, dark.”

Adler was living in Hilton Head in 2001, but had moved from New York just a few years earlier and still had the New York Times delivered every morning.

A self-proclaimed collector, Adler realized what he was reading would soon become an important piece of U.S. history, so every time he saw another big story relating to the attacks, he kept the paper – eventually he had about 90 newspapers, one for nearly every day through the rest of the year.

“If you look back and you look at all of the headlines now you get a real perspective on how the story developed over the 90 days,” said Adler.  “The graphics and seeing the actual newspapers makes it much more real than just hearing about it.”

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