Savannah makes history with record low unemployment rates


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Finding a job is something many people struggle with, but the City of Savannah is paving the way with a historic low employment rate.

Last year, the city’s unemployment was recorded as 3.2 percent. In November, Savannah made history with a 2.6 percent rate. Jaime Joseph, the Hiring and Recruiting Manager for Sullivan Staffing said the Department of Labor reported low numbers for unemployed Savannahians.

“There are, based on the Department of Labor, about 4,100 people unemployed in Savannah. That’s not many people at all,” Joseph said.

Joseph reported the industries that have boomed include hospitality service and the industrial sector. Governor Brian Kemp released a statement acknowledging Georgia’s record-low unemployment, and said Georgia is now on the map for employers. The Georgia Governor attributed “conservative leadership” as the reason behind the job influx.

“Thanks to strong, conservative leadership at the State Capitol, Georgia continues to grow and prosper,” said Governor Brian P. Kemp. “Unemployment rates are at historic lows, workforce participation is at an all-time high, and job creators have Georgia on their minds.

Joseph said although job opportunities have increased, people’s expectations for payment have not,

“It’s humbling for them to realize, that you’re not going to make 60,000 dollars with a degree,” Joseph remarked.

She said labor employees have opportunities for higher wages, but warned new employees that they usually require specialized training.

“Out of the individuals I had apply, I had one who met just the very minimum qualifications. Drivers, not there. Electricians, not there. A lot of the skilled force, unavailable,” Joseph said.

Joseph said, if you are currently looking for employment, to place your emphasis on soft skills.

“Communication, teamwork, collaboration, creativity. You’ve got to impress, if you impress, you have an opportunity to get a review and a review you can get a pay increase,” Joseph recommended.

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