CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – Skaters across the Hostess city have few options in terms of safe parks to hit the pavement.

For more than seven years now a pair of non profits has worked to bring a public skatepark to Savannah’s Lake Mayer park.

Years of fundraising have proven up and down for the Savannah Skatepark. Now they are making a funding push to try and reach their goal to lay cement on this park by the end of the year.

“I think having a free public park here will bring everyone together.”

That’s just a part of the vision Ben Maher and many Savannah locals have for the Savannah Skatepark, especially now that there are no private nor public places for kids to skate.

“To build the park we want to build we have to raise a hundred and ten thousand dollars before the end of the year,” says Kathryn WIlliams who has helped fundraising efforts for the project and raised a son who skateboarded all through his childhood.

The park needs that much to officially lay the base. Savannah Skatepark has had the donated help of skatepark developer Team Pain to draw up the park’s design, but have had to completely work at a grassroots level to fund the project.

“The bottom line is we need some hard cold cash at the moment,” says Williams.

It’s funding though that would give skaters like Denver Perkins a new place to train and play.

“We try to skate the streets sometime, but you really can’t go anywhere without getting kicked out,” says Perkins who has skated for more than four years.

Savannah skaters have no real option in terms of a formal place to skate according to Perkins and Maher.

“They’re going to South Carolina, they’re spending their dollars in other states,” says Maher who also acts as the COO of the skatepark’s nonprofit.

With a new design and now all of the permitting and engineering complete and paid for, the nonprofit is making one last push for donations and funding to begin building Savannah’s newest and only public skatepark.

“Growing up wanting to have a skatepark for kids younger than me I definitely want them to, I know they’re having the same feeling that I’m having. I just want to make it happen for them too,” says Perkins.

For more information about the park’s fundraising effort you can contact Maher online on the park’s webpage or on their social media accounts.