SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Today, Savannah Feed the Hungry held their 14th Annual M.L.K. Community Dinner.

Held at the Tompkins Community Center, hundreds of guests were served a hot meal of baked chicken, rice, corn, green beans, cupcakes and drinks.  Guests were also given over a thousand pounds of free chicken to take home and cook for themselves.

“We are hoping that we reach someone that really need it, but then we welcome everybody.  This is to help somebody that’s down and out. To help them and let them know that they are not by themselves.  That first of all, God is with them.  Secondly, we are with them too.” said volunteer Delores Middleton.

The free public event also offered free COVID-19 vaccinations along with a $50.00 gift card that was given to anyone that received a COVID-19 vaccination or flu shot.

(Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

Guests were also able to attend the onsite job fair through Savannah Feed the Hungry Empowerment Center in partnership with Goodwill. Some organizations in attendance were the Garden Couty Police Department, United States Army Recruiting, Southeastern Bank, Cricket and Horizon Staffing.

“We have a lot going on, a lot of resources that are necessary,” said Karen Williams, Volunteer Coordinator for Savannah Feed the Hungry. “I think it gets better and better every year.  It’s a mission to help others, it’s a mission to empower others, it’s a mission to let everyone know that there is hope.”

Representative Carl Gillard speaks with Guests. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

There was also a special showing of The Last Days of King, a documentary written and produced and narrated by Representative Carl Gilliard.

“I was in Atlanta the other day and I was going to do a TV show called Lawmakers. When I came out of the studio, here in the wheelchair was Andrew Young.”

Gillard Continued, “He was right there, and he gave me some words to give you today. He said, ‘Don’t give up the fight'”.

In 2009 Gillard founded Savannah Feed the Hungry.  Its mission is to feed, restore and add dignity to the working poor. Now Feed the Hungry has served in over 14 cities and served over 1.5 million meals.

Representative Gilliard, in 2019, was named one of the top 100 most influential African Americans in Georgia.