SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — The Savannah Democrats held a rally to fight for reproductive rights this weekend.

On Saturday, Mayor Van Johnson as well as several other democratic candidates came together to voice their disapproval of Georgia’s six-week abortion ban.

The group also distributed information centered around engaging and mobilizing voters.

The day of action comes after Kansas voters turned out in record numbers to protect reproductive freedom and reject a restrictive amendment that could have led to abortion being outlawed in their state.

“I had two neonative teams ready to go for these children. I had three physicians with me trying to save me. But he pulled my husband aside and said we’re going to do everything possible, but if we have to choose to save your life or your children, who do we save? My husband had 5 seconds to make a decision, 5 seconds. My husband said save my wife. I’m honest, would I have said the same thing, I don’t know. My point to everyone, none of you know what you’re going to say until you’re in these situations,” said Mary Robichaux, Minority treasurer, House of Representatives. 

Early voting begins on October 17th in Georgia.