Savannah couple says they received over 40 robocalls in a day

“The phone drives us crazy,” says Brenda Krause of Savannah.  

She and her husband Les are senior citizens, and while they have cell phones, they also still have their landline.  

Mrs. Krause says they have had the same landline number for 29 years and their out of town relatives know that number.

However, she says the amount of unwanted automated calls (often referred to as robocalls) has gone from irritating to almost unbearable. She says last Friday was the kicker when she counted 41 calls by about 5:00 p.m.

“We usually get an average of 20 calls every day,” she told me. 

Krause said this past Monday they had 34 calls. The phone rang twice while we were there.

The seniors say they get unwanted calls on their cell phones as well, but the landline still receives the most calls.

“I have thought about calling the telephone company to see if they could a block on these particular numbers,” Mr. Krause said.

News 3 contacted Maureen Mahoney from the Consumers Union who told us “robocalls are a huge problem.”

“Unfortunately, consumers with traditional landlines have few options that are advanced and are free that automatically identify and stop robocalls,” said Mahoney. 

She says her group favors legislation now being proposed that would force phone companies to use more advanced technology to detect these calls and screen them before the call can reach a consumer.

And Mahoney says it shouldn’t matter if you have a cell or a landline.  

“We would like phone companies to be required to implement technology that would protect all consumers no matter what type of phone service they have or what phone company they have,” she told us.

Mrs. Krause says the number of calls has increased greatly in the last year or so.

“It’s a lot worse,” she said. “I don’t ever remember calls like this.”

The couple said they could just disconnect their landline, but says that remain convenient for relatives since most are so used to the number.  

“If I take the phone line out, then we’re losing and they’re winning. That’s how we feel,” she said. 

To leave you with this information: it’s estimated that this year, half of all calls Americans receive will be unwanted.

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