Savannah could soon have Two Indoor Football Teams

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Last year’s arena football season ended badly. Not just because the Savannah Steam was bounced from the playoffs.

The Savannah Steam left owing various local businesses, performers, players and the city itself tens of thousands of dollars.

The team’s General Manager, Jenny Dammarell was arrested in Magistrate Court back in June for deposit account fraud in connection with an unpaid debt to the team’s DJ, Ben Adams.

Just before that Jenny Dammarell filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Superior Court. It was her 13th time filing bankruptcy.

Now the Steam’s owner Bobby Dammarell is trying to start a new team in a new league.. the EIF.

But they won’t be playing inside, at least at the Savannah Civic Center.

The City of Savannah told News 3 that the Steam would not be allowed to play at the Civic Center unless Dammarell and his wife Jenny pays almost $20,000 in back rent.WSAV Investigation into unpaid bills by Savannah Steam:

There will be a new team in the Civic Center next year. The Coastal Outlaws signed a contract to play 5 games starting in July 2017.

The Outlaws will play in the USIF with three other teams. The league’s plan is to play doubleheaders on Saturdays.

The team’s owner Anthony Bryan even wants to have little league games in between the two semi-pro games.

Bryan wants to involve the local community, and says he already has sponsors and players lined up.

We asked Bryan why anyone, especially the fans, should believe this team is better, or any different than the Steam.

“It wasn’t the team, it was the team ownership. the players werent involved with it most of the staff weren’t involved with it,” said Anthony Bryan. “So you can’t blame the players so why would you take something from them if they had nothing to do with it.”

The Outlaws had to put a deposit down to rent the Civic Center, which is a change from the way the City and Savannah Steam did business last year.

City leaders said the Steam “must” pay every dollar they owe the city before the doors would “ever” open to them again.

The Outlaws were even told before they signed on the dotted line they couldn’t play the Steam in the Civic Center next year.

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