Savannah Convention Center draws attention to local artists


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Twice a year the Savannah Convention Center transforms into a walk-through exhibition of local artists.

“Art Across the River” is hosted by the convention center as an outreach effort to create opportunities for local artists to gain exposure and even sell their artwork. The five-year-project’s event organizers said they wanted to improve the exhibit by increasing the amount of local artists they display.

Kim Hunsinger and Tara Nobles described the convention center as a “perfect place for artwork,” with the high traffic of visitors passing through the center each year.

“We saw an opportunity to grow something that was already lovely but there was so much potential, um that was why we wanted to reach out to even more local artists to share what we have here in Savannah that is so special with many, many, many more people. So we welcome about 200,000 visitors to our facility each year and it’s a great opportunity to showcase all of the talent that we have here in Savannah,” Nobles said.

Nobles, the convention center’s Public Relations and Marketing Manager, attributed Savannah’s vibrant art scene as a key component for enticing visitors each year.

“Savannah is a bucket list city…people love to come to Savannah for a good time. People love the historic aspect and they love that Savannah’s just such a colorful and fun place to be, and a lot of that is because we are so lucky to have such a large and diverse community of artists and makers,” Nobles stated.

Hunsinger and Nobles said they were profoundly grateful to see the event impacting both people in the community and the local artists.

“We took a look around, walked around the building to see what the other artists are showcasing and they felt humbled. So we’re humbled to be in their presence and just to be able to share all of this really great work with so many people,” Nobles commented.

Pictures, paintings, and even glass and metal installations are scattered throughout the building from artists as young as 16-years-old. Hunsinger and Nobles said their efforts to increase the scope of their pool of local artists enabled them to display more than 50 artists in their current exhibition.

Local artists with new pieces on display include:
• Amiri Geuka Farris
Panhandle Slim
• Calvin Woodum
• Robert Morris
• Christine Crawford
• Mary Ingalls
• Sonja Robinson
• Rebecca Marcussen
• Pam White
• Brenna Baluh
• Kench Weathers
• Bess Ramsey
• Dani Calloway
• Patricia Sabree
• Marcie Thomas
• Michelle Perez
Elise Aleman

If you have artwork you would like to display at the Savannah Convention Center contact: Kimberly Hunsinger ( / 912-447-4032), or Tara Nobles ( / 912-447-4033).

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