Savannah church offers to record services for other congregations


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The threat from the coronavirus is making it nearly impossible for congregations to safely gather for service. One Savannah church came up with a modern solution to make social distancing work for worship.

Impact Church Savannah still packs the energy into services, but they are not packing the people like they usually do every Sunday inside Southwest Middle School.

When the school closed, Pastor Corey Williams says they had to look into other options. Thankfully, the church had a production team and a professional recording space to offer a service to more than just its congregants.

“We see the ability that we have to connect with people we may never have connected with if this did not happen,” said Pastor Williams.

Last week, the production team used its equipment to record well-lit performances and sermons. They recorded it earlier in the week. Then, they streamed it live on Sunday, so that everyone could watch it together.

Impact Church streamed the service on its Facebook and YouTube pages. Pastor Williams says in total, around a thousand people tuned in and engaged. The church plans to repeat the process every week.

“I was totally shocked,” he said. “Seeing people tuned in and responding… it seemed like they were there. It made me feel real good. If this goes on for weeks, or for months, we can do church this way.”

Pastor Williams says he wants every church to do service this way. He says some are still meeting in-person, which can put people at risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus.

“Most of the members do not use the internet or they don’t use the social media, so that’s one of the biggest problems the older congregations are having,” said Pastor Williams.

Impact Church says its recording space is part of the solution to stay safe. The team is offering it to other church leaders who want to record a service.

“It’s needed,” said Pastor Williams. “I believe in love thy neighbor. And that’s one of our ways of showing our love to our neighbors.”

If you would like to request free help from Pastor Williams and Impact Church, contact them at

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