SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Local boxing legend Zeke Wilson was not just a fighter, but a survivor.  He shares his journey in a soon to be released short film.

A new short film highlights the life of Savannah boxing legend Ezekiel Wilson better known as “Zeke Wilson.” Tuesday, Wilson announced the “Eighth Round” has wrapped production and will be released this summer. The biopic is based on his book and will take us through some of the boxing legend’s lighter moments like when he was introduced to the beloved sport. It will also show Wilson’s legal battle over racial discrimination,  a battle he says was the toughest one he’s ever fought. 

“I couldn’t get an attorney, so I learned the law myself and fought it the best I could and I fought it to the point where I won. I did my own summary judgment and motion, I did my own deposition and I won in front of a jury of 12,” Wilson said. 

The film took off after he met young aspiring screenwriter Alyssa Grove from Savannah College of Art and Design. His life story inspired Alyssa to write and develop a film. A majority of scenes represent Savannah. Some scenes were even shot in the Lowcountry at the Colleton County courthouse. Wilson says with the help of an amazing cast and crew, they were able to put together a piece that captures who he really is. Director Nikki Green says as soon as she heard his story, she knew this was a project she had to be a part of. 

“After hearing his story, it was pretty much like he was saying, I mean you know you have someone that was faced with some, with some discrimination, and he fought against it, and that to me, beyond, regardless of what the discrimination was, the fact that he stood his ground, he fought for it, it made me want to be apart of the film, it was fun”. Green said. 

If there is anything Zeke Wilson wants you to take away from this film is the fact that he fought for everything he believed in and despite obstacles, he did not give up. 

You know you’ve got to believe, you got to dream and hold on to your dream and that’s what I’m trying to let this film tell people, you know what, that’s what I did”. Wilson said. 

The film is set to be released next month.

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