Savannah bartenders offer “Angel Shots” to help protect women from harassment


SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Local police are investigating two separate cases of sexual assault in Downtown Savannah.

The first was reported on September 29th. Two women told Savannah Police detectives they were sexually assaulted by two unknown black males overnight. The victims last remember being in downtown Savannah with the unknown men. The sexual assault is believed to have occurred at a separate location.

The second was reported one week later, on October 6. The woman told Chatham County police she faintly recalls having a drink at a downtown Savannah bar Friday night and said she later woke up at a hotel in the Gateway Boulevard area.

Bartenders told News 3 that there is a language women can use to help protect them from harassment.

“A lot of times that signage on the wall isn’t something that people see or focus on but it is there to give them that understanding that it is a safe space and they could use that resource to prevent potential danger.”

Tyrell Scarborough/ Manager, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub & Grill

George Freeman, a self-defense instructor, helped pass around flyers for establishments to display in their restrooms. The posters let women know about a drink that they won’t find on the menu.

If you ask for an “Angel Shot” neat, the staff will escort you to your car. Order it on the rocks and the staff can call you a lift. Ask for an “angel shot with a lime” and that person is asking for someone to call the police.

“I just wish more people were more aware. Take the time to take a class or something of that nature to learn about techniques to avoid being victimized; or looking after other people, no one does that. They let it go by, let it slide. They don’t look out for each other. But if you see something’s kind of weird, you should step in.”

George Freeman, KATMA Defense

We asked bartenders about the risk of releasing the name “angel shot” to the public. They told News 3 they would rather release it and hopefully help someone prevent a dangerous situation.

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