SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah attorney Wade Herring is calling for Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter to resign after penning a letter to Carter Wednesday in the Savannah Morning News.

“The letter was addressed to Congressman Carter who I’ve known for 30 years,” Herring told us.

He said it wasn’t an easy decision but he felt compelled to use the public forum to call out Carter regarding disinformation about the November election.

“There were people who believed the ‘Big Lie’ and it was incumbent upon him (Carter) as an officer of the Constitution to speak out and say this is not true and he did not do that,” said Herring.

Herring says he has admired Carter and voted for him in some past elections but now is is asking Carter to apologize and resign. “I think he has forfeited his right to serve as a congressman given the conduct,” Herring said. “When he (Carter) speaks, people listen.”

Herring took Carter to task for supporting legal action from the state of Texas against the state of Georgia.

“I was also concerned that Congressman Carter had remained silent while President Trump pressured our governor and our Secretary of State and our Lieutenant Governor to challenge the election when there were no facts and no law to support that challenge,” he said.

Herring also says election disinformation led to the insurrection at the captiol. “And after the mob over ran the Captiol, that night Congressman Carter stood in opposition to the election in Pennsylvania, Arizona but also in Georiga,” said Herring.

Congressman Carter told us last week that he did “not regret his decision to oppose certification of electoral votes in the state of Georiga.”

Carter has stated numerous times in the past two months that he has problems with the “process” and the fact that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger made changes to election rules and structures that Carter says is the pervue of the state legislature.

Herring doesn’t buy the argument.

“Well, sadly I think he’s been part of the big lie. It was up to him to support the vote in Georgia and by the way election laws are a state matter, not a federal matter and the congressman is a federal official,” said Herring. “All of our Republican state officials has said over and over said this election was fair and I wish Congressman Carter had stood up and said there’s nothing here.”

Herring said he has heard from people who agree with him but acknowledged he knows many will not.

“I think it’s going to be up to the good people of this district to say we remember we have not forgotten and we ill continue to hold you accountable.”

We reached out to Congressman Carter for a comment and received this statement:

I welcome and appreciate all comments from constituents as there will always be a variety of opinions on different subjects. I also appreciate the strong support I’ve received from constituents on this issue, as well.”

Congressman Buddy Carter