Those wishing to make magic this holiday season and take in the arctic grandeur of the North Pole could have the opportunity to do so at the Santa Claus House, where it feels like Christmas every day for many.

Known as the North Pole’s best-known attraction, the Santa Claus House is currently hiring for full-time salesclerks and baristas.

Salary for the positions is based on experience and start at $15 per hour. Those interested in applying must be 16 or older and able to stand for 8 hours, lift up to 30 lbs., and walk up and down stairs regularly for stock and boxes.

The Santa Claus House sells Christmas ornaments, decor, North Pole apparel, collectibles, made in Alaska items, unique toys, a live Santa to listen to Christmas wishes, a 42-foot-high statue of Santa overlooking the Richardson Highway, and walls covered with Dear Santa letters from children around the world.  They also send letters from Santa.

The Santa Claus House tradition began over 65 years ago with Con and Nellie Miller. Con was a merchant and fur buyer in the surrounding villages of Fairbanks, Alaska and wore an old red Santa suit each Christmas, according to the company website.

By 1952, Con and his wife Nellie decided to build a trading post thirteen miles south of Fairbanks, in an area newly dubbed the “North Pole.”

The new store was named the Santa Claus House and is one of the top attractions in Interior Alaska and has welcomed millions of visitors from all over the world.