Saint James Catholic Church hosts monthly drive-thru food pantry


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Saint James Catholic Church in partnership with Social Apostolate, held their monthly drive-thru food pantry Saturday.

Susanna Powers, receptionist at Saint James, says the event all started with an idea to help the south side of Savannah.

“We noticed on the south side there wasn’t a food pantry. I did some research and realized there weren’t enough resources to place a food pantry close by to this population. So that’s why we started this,” said Powers.

The event runs the third Saturday of every month, giving non-perishables, snacks, and toiletries to those in need.

Latacia Avila, director of Social Apostolate, says that poverty has more to do with the community and less with the individuals affected.

Avila said, “Poverty is a community problem, not just a Social Apostolate or a Saint James problem. I think we have seen over the course of the years that Savannah’s poverty rate unfortunately has pretty much remained steady. Part of poverty reduction is giving families the resources and supplies that they need.”

Not only does Social Apostolate assist in the monthly food drives, they provide assistance with work related needs, as well as gas cards and government assisted funding.

“We have work supplies like slip resistant shoes, steel-toed work boots, gas cards, and bus cards to assist people with transportation. If we know in advance there’s a specific need in the community we have the flexibility to have those items on hand when we come out,” Avila added.

Social Apostolate has recently introduced their mobile unit with the intentions of reaching more rural communities is the Savannah area.

If you know of a community that could be in need of assistance, you can contact Social Apostolate to request their services.

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