SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — On your mark. Get set. Climb!

Athletes and runners are getting geared up for a special race this weekend. The sixth annual “Stone Stairs of Death” race is on Sunday, and it’s not for the timid. The race follows a 1/3 mile loop for one to two hours, including repeated trips up the historic stairs.

The race is timed and the runners who log the most loops will be crowned the King and Queen of the steps. These stairs have a reputation for people falling down but for this event, they’re used for raising money. The founder of the event Dan Hernandez tells how funds are collected when feet hit the pavement.

“This year’s race is benefitting the Boswell family from Sylvania, Georgia. Earlier this year, young Michael Boswell was diagnosed with bone cancer at just 11 years old.”

Hernandez says Mikey is a trooper, but his courageous battle is a brutal one that requires trips to Atlanta for painful treatments. The race is a way for Dan and his wife to help with extra costs that come along with medical treatment.

Since starting the race six years ago, they’ve been able to donate over $23,000 to people dealing with an illness. Dan’s wife, Kerry has firsthand knowledge of what this kind of support means to a family dealing with a health crisis.

“We can lighten the burden, you know. Going through a life-threatening illness is hard enough, but then you have to worry about the financial burden of that so we just, you know. We can do that,” she said.

Each runner who finishes will get a finisher award made by local artist Jackie Vergara. For the Boswells, the memento will be a special reminder of the people who ran for Mikey.

“They’re a humble family and very good people, so… they’re very grateful,” Hernandez said.