STATESBORO, G.a. (WSAV) – Six-wheeled robots are navigating the streets across Georgia Southern’s campus providing contactless meal delivery.

Thanks to a partnership with Starship Technologies, Georgia Southern is the first university in the state to provide faculty, staff and students with 20 autonomous delivery robots to deliver food from on-campus dining locations to designated pickup locations. 

“It’s one of the first of its kind with contactless delivery and with the pandemic that’s going on, Georgia Southern is taking the initiative and have been innovative at how they are approaching the pandemic using our services,” explains founder of Starship Technologies, Kia Alborz.

The robots deliver food ordered on the Starship app from University dining facilities and places such as Starbucks, Market Street Deli and Sushi with Gusto to patrons around campus. The energy efficient pieces of technology can have their location and delivery time tracked by recipients through the app. They can also maneuver around obstacles such as pedestrians.

“If you pick a spot indoors, we’ll just move it right out front and the robot will go to the restaurant and pick the food up and come straight to you,” says Alborz.

The University says the new meal service comes at a crucial time as they work to keep students and faculty safe.

“It benefits the students that really want to order from various locations that we have on campus. Having food or products delivered and being able to open and receive without any interaction with a person and feeling more comfortable and safe is what we aim to offer,” says Director of Dining, Jeff Lawn.

The University says that if all goes well over the next few months, they plan to add twenty more robots and expand to the Armstrong campus in Savannah.