Rincon Police call for citizens to join Rincon Home Watch


RINCON, Ga. (WSAV) – Rincon’s Police Chief Mark Gerbino is holding a sign that says “Rincon Home Watch Member.” He is hoping one day every yard in town will display the sign.

“This sign is a warning to those who create crime and do crime and it’s a warning that we watch and we have partners in the neighborhood,” Gerbino told us. “We want to invite every single neighborhood to be a part of the Rincon Home Watch.”

Chief Gerbino says his department is committed to establishing Rincon’s version of Neighborhood Watch. A few months ago, there were a series of car break-ins in one neighborhood. Later, there was vandalism in the same neighborhood. He says that prompted a renewed effort to get the program up and running in neighborhoods across town. “So that was the catalyst for getting this going.”

Police say they’ll help communities organize watch programs which include selecting folks in the neighborhoods to be involved. Rincon’s Community Resource Officer Kelli Powers says at the same time, police are working more diligently to get to know citizens
“We are just trying to get out in the community more as opposed to being in cars and to speak more to people,” she said. trying to actually speak to people and get out.”

The Rincon program will follow the traditions established by Neighborhood Watch with some new technology thrown in. Police here are urging citizens to download “Neighbors” (through the Ring app.)

“It’s an app that you can download free on your phone and you can share information with people in your community,” says Powers. “It sets up a radius within five or ten miles from your home and you can use it to see crime statistics in your area.”

Police promise to do their part and hoping individuals get involved.

“Why is it important? It’s because neighbors take care of neighbors and the police take care of neighbors and when we establish those relationships successfully which this kind of Initiative, t improves the quality of life without any doubt, it’s proven,” said Chief Gerbino.

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