RINCON, Ga. (WSAV) — Less than a mile off of Route 21 on Magnolia Drive in Rincon, city council is discussing the potential rezoning of a currently commercial property to residential.

Adding several townhomes for rent or purchase into the community, that many people say isn’t needed.

“We have a small community, it’s quiet. We get enough traffic that comes down the road because the map still says it goes through, we get people turning around in our driveways at all times with that. We don’t need to add 15 to 18 more units in there with that much traffic,” said Trent Eichmann, a Rincon Resident.

Some locals spoke out in favor of the rezoning. Saying, potential growth in the area is bound to happen sooner or later, and could help add workforce housing to Effingham County’s largest city.

“My name is Elizabeth Keith and I’m the owner of the 108 Ale House so their property butt’s up to the back of mine, and I just wanted to say that I do support it because I feel like growth is inevitable around here and it’s going to come one way or another, so I’m for it,” Keith explained.

Many citizens we’re concerned with the growing traffic caused by the ever-growing Highway 21.

A traffic study performed on the area in question estimated that, if used for residential property, would create around 121 new trips per day.

While commercial use would create over 1100 new trips per day.

“We’re going to develop the property one way or the other. What we’re asking for is the less impact, and the townhomes would be so much better with all that’s going on. I can’t help the traffic I understand, this traffic is bad for everybody, but my project isn’t going to be an impact no more than all of Highway 21 is,” Keith Woods, Owner of BKB Properties.

Rincon City Council motioned to deny petition to rezone 2.06 acres from commercial to residential.

It’s still be to see what exactly will occupy the property now that a decision has been made.