Ride share app launches new safety feature


SAVANNAH Ga., (WSAV) – Uber announced today the launch of a new safety feature on the app.

The On-Trip Reporting feature gives riders the ability to discreetly report a non-emergency safety issue while the ride is happening. Because some riders may feel uncomfortable with inappropriate language or harsh breaking, the feature allows them to briefly write out and submit their concerns without the driver knowing.

Frequent ride share users say the new feature will make reporting an issue more efficient and allow them to do it the moment they notice an issue.

“If it has to do with your Uber driver putting you in an unsafe circumstance it’s probably better to let people know while it’s happening rather than after and it’s too late,” says ride share user Mark Gerbino.

Local Uber drivers say it’s a positive addition for both riders and drivers.

“It’s a good thing for both the driver and the passenger and all around any incidents that happen as far as traffic or anything, I think it’s the best way to go,” adds Vadil Scarborough.

Uber officials say the goal is to encourage more people to report concerns, ultimately making the app safer for everyone.

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