Rep. Spencer’s Georgia space Flight Act passes key House Committee


ATLANTA (WSAV) – The Georgia House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee yesterday passed House Bill 1, The Georgia Space Flight Act (GSA), sponsored by State Representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine). The bill would define procedures for space flight activity in Georgia.

“I am grateful to my colleagues on the committee who voted to bring much needed high-tech jobs to our state by passing this bill out of committee,” said Rep. Spencer. “Passing HB 1 out of the full House Judiciary Committee is a major milestone in the legislative process. We are now poised to put this bill on the House floor for a full vote. This bill passed last session 164-8, and I expect the House to give its overwhelming endorsement to the GSA once again this year. Reaching this milestone will send a clear signal to the commercial space industry that Georgia is open for business.”

The GSA is modeled after the Texas law, Limited Liability for Space Flight Activities, and would define procedures for space flight activity in Georgia. The bill would limit a willing space flight participant’s ability to sue for damages related to space flight activities occurring in this state if the willing participant has given written informed consent. Additionally, the GSA would not protect against injuries suffered by non-consenting third parties affected by space flight activity. This language is the foundation of the bill and is an industry standard that is used in all other “space friendly” states.

The bill will now go to the House Rules Committee for approval, which is the last stage in the committee process before a bill can be eligible for a vote on House floor by the full body of the House. If  passed by House, the bill will repeat the same process in the Senate.

For more information on HB 1, please click here.

Representative Jason Spencer represents the citizens of District 180, which includes Camden, Charlton, and Ware counties. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 2010, and currently serves as the Secretary of the Special Rules Committee.  He also serves on the Game Fish & Parks, Human Relations & Aging, Juvenile Justice, and Science & Technology committees.

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