Recovering Stolen Bikes in Savannah

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Over the past few years Savannah has made strides to become a more bike-friendly city, but having more bicycles around means more bike thieves.

So to help prevent those crimes and make it easier to recover stolen property, the Savannah Bicycle Campaign teamed up with Bike Index.

Bike Index allows you to register your bike in a massive national online database; then, if it’s stolen, an alert goes out to your region to be on the look out.

“We know people who have quit riding bikes after they have had a bike stolen or more than one stolen,” said Savannah Bicycle Campaign Director John Bennett. “They decide it’s just not worth it anymore so if we can reunite people with their bikes and make it more difficult for people to sell stolen bikes I think that will be a benefit for everybody.”

Once you report the bike as stolen, it shows up red in their archive and the regional Twitter account, called BikeIndex Savannah, automatically sends out a tweet to all of it’s followers with a picture and description of the stolen property.

But Savannah Bicycle Campaign recommends you also register your bike with SCMPD, so it’s logged in as many places as possible.

To register your bike on Bike Index, click here.

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