SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day and that means taking some time out of your busy day to cook up one of these deliciously cheesy sandwiches. The following is a fun list of grilled cheese recipes to get you started.  

Classic grilled cheese

Starting with the original, here is a simple and quick recipe for how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. This easy recipe is exactly what you’d expect: cheese, bread and butter all used together to make the perfect grilled cheese. You can’t go wrong.

From Spend With Pennies, this recipe yields two sandwiches and takes 12 minutes from start to finish. You can check out the link to the recipe by clicking here.

Roast beef grilled cheese

This recipe is a philly cheesesteak and a grilled cheese all in one. From Sandra’s Easy Cooking, this recipe includes roast beef, provolone cheese and mushrooms. It all combines together to make a delicious meal you’ll want to add to your recipe repertoire as soon as possible.

This recipe is for one sandwich and the time it takes depends on if you already have roast beef readily available or if you’re roasting it yourself just for this recipe. The link to the recipe can be found here.

Croque Madames

This French recipe will be a hit with those who yearn for a more complex grilled cheese. It uses sourdough bread, eggs and deli ham with Gruyere cheese. This creates a sandwich unlike any other.

From Country Living, this sandwich takes just over half an hour to make. It yields four servings and you can find a link to the recipe by clicking here.  

Blackberry Cheesecake Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Looking for a dessert grilled cheese? Didn’t even know they existed until just now? That’s okay, this recipe from Happy Foodie has you covered. The filling, which is served on brioche, features blackberries, cream cheese and honey. You’ll love this sweet treat as a fun little spin on a grilled cheese.

This recipe takes less than 15 minutes to put together and yields one serving. A link to the recipe can be found here.

Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese

This quick recipe has it all. Cream cheese, bacon, cheddar and jalepeños? You’ll find it all in this grilled cheese recipe from Delish. It has just what you’re craving and takes less time than you’d expect to put it all together.

Taking only 15 minutes from start to finish, this recipe yields two sandwiches. You can also watch a video on how to make it through the website linked here.

Looking for a good soup to pair with your grilled cheese? Here’s a few options.

Creamy Tomato Soup with Buttery Croutons

This recipe from Food and Wine is perfect for those craving the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. It uses canned tomatoes, oregano and heavy cream along with a handful of other ingredients to make a delightfully smooth soup. You will enjoy how well this pairs with your grilled cheese.

Taking about half an hour from start to finish, this recipe is a breeze. Not only is it simple, but it also includes a video for additional instruction, so there’s no way to mess this one up. This recipe yields six servings and you can view it through the link here.

Coconut Mango Sago Dessert Soup

This recipe from Christie at Home is a good option for those who chose to make a cheesecake grilled cheese. It’s an Asian dessert soup with coconut milk and tapioca pearls. It also features fresh mint leaves and mango.

This recipe takes about an hour and a half to make, though most of that time is spent cooling. It serves four people and is around 333 calories per serving. You can find more information about this soup through the link here.

Easy Chicken and Rice Soup

Searching for something a little different to pair with your grilled cheese? This chicken and rice soup from Two Peas and their Pod may not be what you think of when you imagine a soup to eat with your sandwich. However, soon it will be your go to.

This recipe takes 35 minutes to make and yields four servings. You can use a rotisserie chicken to get this quick time or you can spend a little longer and make your own chicken. Either way, you’ll have this delicious soup in less than an hour. You can find a link to the recipe by clicking here.