Savannah, GA, (WSAV) – While we often see them as useful ways to keep us connected, cell phones can very easily become gateways to our personal information.

But whether or not the courts can force companies to unlock that information for the government has become a hotly debated subject since the FBI told Apple to do just that with the phone of San Bernardino shooter, Syed Rizwan Farook.

On Tuesday, a panel of local experts got together to go over the ethics of the entire situation.

Armstrong State University Criminal Justice Professor Dr. Kevin Jennings said he thought the FBI may have overstepped.

“Where I think the FBI went too far was in saying, ‘this warrant requires you to spend your own money, your own time to defeat and break your own system,'” said Jennings.

Others though, like ZZ Servers Managing Partner and computer security expert David Zendzian, said he understands their concern.

“Even if there’s nothing to be found, they know without a doubt there was nothing there versus they have no idea, there could be a smoking gun in there they have no idea about it.”

To see more on their thoughts about the FBI vs Apple issue, watch the video above.