Port Royal police and fire station damaged when car crashes into building


UPDATE: NEWS 3 spoke with a friend of the driver who had a seizure and crashed his car into the Port Royal Police and Fire station building. A friend of 26-year-old Mark Wold says he was treated in an area hospital, and has been released.

A crash in Port Royal ends inside the police and fire stations, leaving the Town with a mess to clean, and repairs to make. The crash happened at about 2 p.m. on Sunday. An eyewitness tells NEWS 3 a dark Ford SUV came across the lawn, and hit the side of the building that houses both police and firefighters on Parris Avenue, taking out a pillar, among other damages.

The destruction is still visible from the street; Port Royal neighbor Terry Carter says it was an unbelievable sight, from the moment it happened.

“It’s real sad but hopefully the person in the vehicle’s okay,” Carter says.

Carter was able to snap a couple of photos and shoot quick video of the scene. He says EMS and firefighters worked a patient or patients before transporting someone.

“It was crazy. I really don’t know if there was a medical emergency or …there was a lot of damage. It looks like there’s broke glass…” he says.

Town councilman Jerry Ashmore says there was a medical emergency, as the driver was turning onto Parris Avenue.

“From my understanding, the guy came through from The Preserve, through the red light, and had a medical emergency and ran into the front of the police station right there. So, we’re lucky that people weren’t sitting inside right there,” Ashmore says.

Carter and Ashmore observed no tire tracks or marks visible on the lawn.

“I didn’t see the tire tracks, either. So, I imagine he probably hit it you know, at whatever speed he was going,” Ashmore says.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. More details on the crash, like the driver’s condition, were not immediately available on Monday.

“The column sustained a pretty good force there, and it will need to be fixed and addressed,” Ashmore says.

The Town will assess the damage further, to plan repairs. Town Manager Van Willis says repairs will be funded by the Town’s general fund, them reimbursed by the driver’s insurance company.

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